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32 Sugestões de Tatuagens femininas para Pés e Mãos

Mehndi  henna

indian wedding mehndi feet purple shoes - peacock themed Indian wedding - Melani Lust Photography

In the modern age and even due to limited supply of Indian Traditional Mehndi artists, usually people buy ready-made Henna cones, which are ready to use and make painting easy. However, in rural areas in India, women grind fresh henna leaves on grinding stones with added oil, which though not as refined as professionally prepared henna cones, achieves much darker colors.

modern hand henna design | Henna hand/arm by Lili Sweet of zen henna montreal

Pretty henna...

Arabic henna. I also love the long nails, they go perfect with the design!

A Modern Update: Wedding Henna/Mehndi for Brides « Sameera Threading + Full Service Salon's Blog


Mandala Henna Hand w/finger accents | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Henna Tattoos simple hand design

I like how simple it looks

Simple henna design. Inspired.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this simple mehndi design

Simple floral henna design

simple round mehndi designs for hands

black mehndi for hands

henna decoration, perfect for a barefoot wedding

Simple paisley wrist by Meghan's Mehndi, via Flickr

Taking beautiful steps drenched in henna.

Best Floral Mehndi Designs – Our Top 10

Heart Henna Designs

Foot Mehandi Designs

Bridal Feet Mehndi

foot mehendi

simple henna flower,  Go To to get more Gossip News!

Henna. Like how simple it is.

Very simple henna tattoo hearts design

I wish I could find someone to do cute henna on my fingers like this.-  Honey

Simple #henna design for feet. Had some spare time this morning!! :) #mehndi

SAKendis- a sweet heart IMG_2584 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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